DSCN0970Damn, I remember packing up my stuff last year at Rothbury and thinking to myself, “It’s gunna be real hard for me to wait another year for this.” And just like that 14 days away from round 2. This picture is one I took at the Sound Tribe Sector 9 show at Rothbury last year.
Here’s another song for download from their CD “Peaceblaster”

Download STS9 – Peaceblaster 08′

These two videos are “aimlessly” and “Music, Us” performed during their 06′ new years show at the Tabernacle in Atlanta.

Ronald Jenkees

June 9, 2009

One night this February I was up studying late for an exam and came across this artist on youtube. Since then I haven’t been able to stop introducing the name to all my buddies. Many of them purchased the CD as did I. With a goofy demeanor, and a happy go lucky attitude, Ronald Jenkees makes you laugh every time you hear his voice or see his thick bottle cap glasses. He always stresses playing music, and having fun while doing it:

“I make videos to (hopefully) entertain, share my music, and encourage others to play even if they’re just getting started. No matter where you plan to take your music, I think it’s time well spent. Whether you’re hammering out “Mary Had a Little Lamb” or something crazy complicated, music can and should be fun. It’s such a constructive use of your time, even if you are doing simple stuff.”  -Ronald Jenkees

Jenkees is a keyboardist who made a name for himself through youtube. He produced his own beats then freestyle keyboarded over them and put the videos on youtube. His 2007 album entitled “Ronald Jenkees” is a more cleaned up version of some of his videos plus other songs including remixes to the Rocky song, Canon in D, and the introduction to Bill Simmon’s (From ESPN) podcast that Jenkees produced. He is currently working on his second CD that should be coming out soon, the CD will feature finished versions of some more videos on youtube plus another unheard selection. The CD will also include the finished version of the first video featuring the song “Disorganized Fun” which my friends and I are looking forward to most.

This next video is another song that will be finished on the upcoming album. Zach Velmer, the drummer from Sound Tribe Sector 9 (STS9) sent Ronald his drums from the song “Beyond Right Now” and wanted him to create a remix, which went very well in my opinion.

Here is a link to his website

Here is a link to his Youtube Channel