Great track for the start of school. Pretty good features if you ask me. Eminem goes off on his verse so if you don’t like the song at least listen to his verse around 4:40. Download below.

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New Lil’ Wayne

August 15, 2009

Two new Weezy tracks for ya. “Life’s too short” sounds like a piece off the rebirth project. “Bad” is a old school hard hittin track that sounds like the old Weezy everybody fell in love with.

Download Lil’ Wayne – Life’s too short

Download Lil’ Wayne – Bad

Two of the real good up and coming artists teamed up to put together the mixtape How Fly. Earlier I put up the first couple songs leaked from the tape, and the rest of the mixtape doesn’t disappoint. currensy1Curren$y is known for his 2006 single “Where da cash at” and his time with Lil’ Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment. Wiz Khalifa is best known for his hit single “Say yeah” and just recently parted ways with Warner Bros. Hit the jump for the track list and download.

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I’ve been waiting to hear some new Wayne for a while now, but this picture pretty much sums up how I feel about this track. I’m pretty disappointed. The beat is ok, the lyrics aren’t anything special, a couple clever lines but not what I was waiting months to hear. Check it out to see what you think tho, to each his own.

Download Lil’ Wayne – Million Dollar Baby

So I came across this song Lil’ Wayne put out all about Kobe. I guess as of now Lil’ Wayne’s prediction of Laker’s winning is looking good. The song has a real hype beat that will make it hard for you not like it. Lil’ Wayne brings good lyricism as well:

Im goin for the ring,I went to Beijing and came back with da bling,who dey want,dey want Kobe,and what he want,he want the trophy,the victory,and da glory,no Shaq,no Robert Horry

Download Lil’ Wayne – Kobe Bryant